Pursuit of Beauty and Meaning

In 2010, BUBU emerged from the creative primordial soup in a small but cozy place in Europe. Those of us nurturing this studio are passionately driven by a dream to create cinema, bringing stories to life through cinematography, visual effects, sounds, music, and good acting. In our quest for the perfect balance among these arts, we learn every day. With modesty, we seek inspiration from great minds, big hearts, and wonderful examples in the universe we inhabit. From the beginning, BUBU has embarked on a wild ride, crafting visual effects for game cinematics, commercials, feature films, and any dimension in between! For us, the world that surrounds us can be brutal, beautiful, and very often both. Building relationships and partnerships is central to us. Alongside our friends from Stargate Studios and Parallax Media, we have embarked on wonderful journeys in the pursuit of beauty and meaning.