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We bow our heads honouring our fearless soldiers and warriors from the past and thank those in the present for keeping us safe! The director Peter KP drew the path of the Bulgarian warrior spirit interlacing two parallel worlds – the Present and the Early Middle Ages. This is the official video for the “Be a Soldier” campaign of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. We filmed it in collaboration with the Bulgarian Army and Bulgarian Armed Forces. Army Soldiers, guards from the National Guards Unit of Bulgaria and BagaTur participated in shooting on various harsh exterior locations. Weapons, armours, fighting machines were all currently being used in the Military, so safety was a number one priority on set. We aimed at portraying the realism of a real battlefield for strong impact, but achieving it through the cinematic look. 

Director: Peter KP, DOP: Alexander Kartsov, Client: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria, Producer: BUBU STUDIO, Service: Creative, Production & Post-Production


For creating the concept of this music video and executing it, we were inspired by the lyrics and the strong spirit of the band’s members. Working in collaboration for the “Be a Soldier campaign” nothing could have communicated fearless better than the parallel between present day and Middle Ages fight scenes, and the rough desert-like environment we chose for filming the band scenes. however harsh the conditions were, we were singing the whole time alongside with b.t.r., because we all are “wind, storm, fire and water”.

Director: Peter KP, DOP: Alexander Kartsov, Client: B.T.R., Service: Production and Post-Production


From the initial concept development, through character and visual development to modelling and the Bubu Studio signature speciality – character animation, we sticked to the idea, that the movement of the chameleon had to be precisely pre-choreographed, e.g. entirely CG. Inspired by the rich color palette of the monitor, the chameleon undergoes an abstract transformation – triggered by the thrill from the butterfly’s colors. This leads to its camouflage changes on micro level, which we visualised via diverse approaches.

Director: Peter KP,DOP: Alexander Kartsov,Client: MMD Monitors,Philips Monitors,Service: Concept & Full Execution


Each taste of these baked bread snacks has its own signature character. We worked on the ad’s concept, on developing their universe, alongside with their  personalities, appearance and actions. For more dramatic effect when portraying the war between Hunger the black hole and our Heroes, we mixed CGI and real world – well known places and activities for the target. The characters’ integration with live action demanded Production and Post-Production coordination be the key component of execution.

Director: Peter KP,DOP: Alexander Kartsov,Client: Ficosota,PRODUCER: Bubu Studio,Service: Production and Post-Production


This luxurious ad is one of our most distinctive examples for creating choreographed liquid simulations – a Bubu Studio signature approach. From RND to the final phase, we kept our focus on the light and pure presence of the spring water – a key ingredient of this beer. In addition, the importance of the horse – being the logo, contributed to the water horses concept being born. The light’s interaction with the liquid, especially in these slow-motion shots, created an elegant fairy-tale-like effect. The perfect feeling to accompany a glass of cold beer.

Director: Foad Farid​,DOP: Alexander Kartsov,Client: Palm Beer,Agency: Dream Riders Studios,Service: Full CGI


Snorri (©MackMedia) is one of our favourite characters, being the eternal mischievous Viking Child. This octopus demanded a more cartoony animation style due to its personality and environment of action. Rigging all these tentacles was quite a challenge, also rendering the skin – being more translucent and with higher water level. Nevertheless, all challenges were successfully conquered and even more exciting adventures await for friendly Snorri in his mother land – Rulantica. Stay tuned!

Directors: Jörg Ihle & Tobias Mundinger,Client: EUROPA PARK,Concept: ©MackMedia,PRODUCER: ©MackMedia,Service: Full CGI


This futuristic urban car concept ad was inspired by a vehicle with hydrogen engine, highly adaptive to various conditions and terrains. Presenting this innovative and cutting edge car technology, was only possible in a luxurious and high-end way. In terms of design, its elegance and stile were emphasised by the contrast with nature’s harsh environmental conditions. 

Director: Alexander Kartsov,DOP: Alexander Kartsov,Client: Sajnt ,Concept & Car Design: Cvetelin Lyubenov,Service: Full CGI 


For this spot we performed a full service – from concept & character development to final delivery of the finished product. 
The photorealistic meerkat with stylised elements had its challenges, but we found solutions to all of them and successfully sent it to Space. 

Director: Bubu Studio,Client: Alo Drink | Best Bevarages,Service: Full CGI


For this heavenly spot – Second of three TVC’s, our job was to develop an environment of photorealistic clouds interacting with the characters. The whole look and feel demanded a hint of magic in addition. As the central action, the (dis)appearance of the waiter, served as a metaphorical representation of the client’s cloud service and needed some extra VFX magic. The color grading direction was also led by the goal of achieving a dreamy, more heavenly-like aftertaste of the spot. Only a more sweet grading would have worked. And it did.

Director: ivaylo minov,DOP: Julian Atanassov,Client: OBLAK.BG,Agency: Publicis,Service: vfx & color grading


A successful walk back to the brand’s early days demanded a tight coordination between Production and Post-Production. In order to fulfil the creative needs, the spot undergone through quite an intricate color grading process for achieving the picture’s desaturated worn look and feel. Some CGI touches here and there and voila! Welcome to the 19th century! 

Director: Stoyan Radev,DOP: Vladimir Mihaylov,CLIENT: SHUMENSKO,Producer: Noble Action Team,ServiCe: POST-PRODUCTION


This social project is very dear to us. Hope for the Little Ones Foundation provides a family-like home and individual loving care to babies and young children who are going through a family crisis until a safe and sustainable family is secured for them. While developing the look and feel of the video, we were led by the desire to convey by audio-visual means the feeling, that absorbs an infant soul, trapped in the box of abandonment. We wanted to make it personal. Because only when moved on a personal level, a human being is motivated to act. To change.

Director: Peter KP,DOP: Alexander Kartsov,Client: Hope for the Little Ones Foundation,PRODUCER: Bubu Studio,Service: Production and Post-Production


under construction

Director: Peter KP,Concept: ,Client: Agent Bob,Title: Flintage The Caveman,Service: 2D animation


In this Kit Kat adaptation, we applied one of our specialities – creating choreographed simulations. Caramel and chocolate had to dance with the light, provoking a mouth-watering sensation. Matching the overall look and feel of the spot was a priority in every detail especially in the demo shots and pack shot. 

Client: NESTLÉ,Agency: Huts JWT,VFX Supervisor: Alexander Kartsov,Service: Pack Replacement & Physical Simulations


“The Tree of Life” is a historic family drama, whose action began with the announcement of the Independence of Bulgaria in 1908. The action follows the history of a crowded and wealthy urban family against the backdrop of key events for the Bulgarian history.
The main titles play a key role in setting the mood for this mystical time travel of the audience. Some episodes needed the help of Cgi in order to portray the period in the most authentic way possible. 

Client: dream team,Seasons: S01 & S02 | 2013,Service: Main Titles & CGI

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